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Freeing Yourself From Clutter
Painless steps for parting with ‘stuff’ that’s past its prime
No one is really sure how it starts, but over time, old collectibles, recipes, shoes and sports memorabilia can grow into overwhelming roommates. 

The old rock collection lining the kitchen window; boxes of toys and scattered art supplies in the children’s room; stacks of cassette tapes and used electronics in the basement; piles of old bill statements, and expired beauty products bursting from your bathroom cupboards – clutter can be a real turn off for prospective home buyers.
Here are some tips for sorting and clearing clutter from your home.
The Box Method
The simplest way to organize clutter is to start with four large containers. Label them as follows:
  • Resale/Donation – items that someone might enjoy as much as you once did
  • Put Away - items you use now, that simply need to be organized
  • Storage - items you use infrequently, that are taking up space in your home
  • Recycle/Trash – defunct electronics and computer equipment, broken and obsolete items, expired medications and cosmetics, newspapers and magazines.
The above categories force you to make a decision.  If you have a lot of trash or recyclable materials, including large items like furniture and appliances, you may want to hire the services of a junk removal company.
Clothing and Shoes
Organized and spacious-looking closets are an attractive home selling feature.  In the spring, go through your closets and move winter clothing to storage.  Vacuum storage bags can significantly reduce the space taken up by clothing and bedding off season, and allow you to store them under your bed.
Simplicity is Everything
It is always important for a home to appear lived in – just keep it simple.  Less clutter gives the appearance of more space, and allows potential buyers to imagine your home as their own. 

Article by Century 21 Canada

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