Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Tips On Getting Better Tenants - Before and After

How to get qualified tenants for your property.

I recently purchased a house which was in a bad condition. The first thing that I did was to renovate it. I could have rented out the way it was but I would not have attracted qualify tenants. Whenever I buy a property I always picture in my mind what will need to be done to get it to look nice, attract  quality tenants and get it rented as soon as possible as time in real estate is money. So far this formula has paid off, Whenever I have showed my properties to potential tenants the first thing that they have said is “what a nice and clean place” I have to tell you that whenever somebody says something like this I feel that I have done my job of providing a good house. My philosophy is simple “if after I finish the renovations I feel that I would not live in the property myself then I know that I still need some more work to do.”


Enrique Malpica- Real Estate Investor


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