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Canada’s Ghostly Appearances

Canada’s Ghostly Appearances
Canada is a fairly young country, but it's got its fair share of ghostly sights. Check out this list of some of the more famous Canadian hauntings.
British Columbia
The ghost of a train conductor who died a tragic death can sometimes be seen at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Gastown, Vancouver. He died in a collision in the underground railway system underneath the restaurant and is known to rearrange table settings and visit the ladies washroom.
A ghost bride wanders a blocked off stairway in the Banff Springs Hotel. Her death is up for some debate. Some say she tripped and fell down the stairs. Others say her dress caught on fire from the candles lining the stairs. No matter the tragedy of her demise, she is often seen wandering the stairwell or dancing alone in one of the grand ballrooms.
The town of St. Louis is home of a nightly visitor that shows up on the dirt road where the train tracks once were. Some say it's a ghost train and others believe it's the lantern of the ghostly CNR engineer who lost his head after being struck by the train. Rumor has it that the engineer holds the lantern, searching for his head.
If you stay in Room 202 at the Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg you might wake up to a woman in a ball gown standing at the foot of your bed. Don't blink, she'll be gone before you know it. It's said that the woman hung herself in the closet after she learned her husband was killed in a car accident. She's also been seen crying in the hotel lounge, but she may not be the only ghostly apparition at this historic hotel.
The first keeper of the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse in Toronto, Mr. John Pau Radan Muller was said to be murdered in 1815. Since then, moaning can be heard on misty nights. Some even see a figure wandering the grounds and believe it to be the murdered keeper.
A headless prostitute named Mary Gallagher appears every 7 years in search of her missing head. Mary was a prostitute in 1879 who met an untimely death when Susan Kennedy (another prostitute) flew into a jealous rage and lopped of her head in an apartment on the corner of William and Murray Street in Old Montreal.
Nova Scotia
Seeing the Blue Nun is considered a right of passage for freshmen living in Gilmora Hall at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigosh. The Blue Nun had an affair with a priest and when she found out she was with child, she jumped off the fourth-floor balcony. Now she wanders the halls and watches students sleep and the ghost of the disgraced priest can be seen in the stairwell.
New Brunswick
Look for the headless nun who walks the footbridge to a haunted church in Miramichi. The tale is vague about who the culprit was of this murder. Some say that Sister Marie Inconnu was the keeper of a valuable treasure and was killed for it. Her head was never found and so she wanders French Fort Cove searching for it.
Prince Edward Island
For more than 200 years, witnesses have reported seeing a flaming ship off the coast of O’Leary. According to local legend, in 1786, the doomed crew of a burning pirate schooner made a pact with the devil in order to save their own lives. The price was to sail the seas on the burning ship all eternity.
Newfoundland & Labrador
A spectre dubbed “the headless captain” is said to haunt the overgrown entranceway to an old house on Queen's Road in St. John's. He's an old ship captain who frequented the home of a pretty lady companion who lived there, but he wasn't the only man in her life. One night, a jealous man severed the captain's head as he stepped out of the home. The murder was never solved and it's said "the headless captain" still searches for his killer.
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