Monday, 2 January 2012

Mommy and Baby Fitness – A Windsor Essex Kent Business Review

Having a conversation with Erica Iannicello about her Mommy and Baby Fitness program for mothers with young babies, it is apparent that she is passionate about what she does.

Here is some information she shared with me;

Mommy and Baby Fitness has proven to be the original and only innovators of post-natal fitness plus “infant stimulation” across North America. This action-packed program includes a large variety of fun activities for babies and easy-to-follow fitness exercises for Mommy. Complete with aerobic and strength training, Mommies have varying options from low to high intensities allowing each an workout geared to their fitness level. Babies enjoy the “workout ride” with their mommies, as well as the “infant stimulation” segment- a huge repertoire of songs, rhymes, puppets, parachutes activities, bubbles and so much more! Classes offered in the Chatham-Kent and Windsor-Essex area are as follows- The Original Mommy & Baby Fitness, Mommy & Baby Yoga, Aqua-play and Stroller-fitness. One-on-one trainings are also available for those who prefer a more private setting

Though I don’t have children, her program sounds like an excellent way to stay healthy and bond with your baby at the same, as well as get out and socialize with other mothers!

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