Sunday, 15 January 2012

Armando’s –Leamington Restaurant Review

Food:  Armando’s Leamington Restaurant has been consistently good over the years.  It is and Italian restaurant known for their pizza.  On a few occasions, we order the aracine as an appetizer, a pizza between the two of us and a bottle of wine.   This combination is perfect for a date night, the aracine is a delicious start to the meal, all Armando’s pizzas are great and they have a good selection and a house red is the perfect combination.  At the end, you left with a reasonable priced delicious meal, not overly full and able to enjoy the rest of the evening.

This past visit a group of us went for lunch.  I ordered the chicken parmesan sandwich off the express lunch menu.  The sandwich was decent, not great.  The presentation was nice, but the sandwich itself was simple and dry. Another member at the table ordered the steak sandwich and loved it only having good things to say.  Between these two sandwiches, I would recommend the steak.   The meals also come with a small loaf of fresh bread, with a oil and parmesan plate for dipping – I would recommend adding balsamic vinegar as well.

Staff:  Friendly, good service – no complaints

Atmosphere and Aesthetics: 

Interior:  See picture – clean modern, booths for more private dining experience, bar area as well

Exterior: North Erie Street in Leamington, it is a new building and has a modern trendy look.

Cleanliness: place was very clean, both in restaurant as well as washrooms – very important in my mind

Would I Recommend to a Friend?

Yes – Especially the Pizza and Arracine over the pasta and sandwiches.  Armandos has many locations throughout Windsor Essex County that I am sure provide a similar and consistent dining experience.

Address and Contact Info:

154 Erie St. N.
Leamington, Ontario

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