Saturday, 18 February 2012

Ukrainian Restaurant – Windsor Restaurant Review


Food:  Recommended from a client – I am glad I went to this hidden delight!  Located 1148 Marion, just north of Giles in a house converted into a restaurant.  The day I went, both mother and daughter were working, the service was great and the homemade meal was delicious.  I had the cabbage rolls, perogies, and cabbage soup; the meal also came with fresh bread as well as a spicy sauerkraut type spread and sour cream for the perogies.  All food was homemade and tasted great.


Presentation: Simple, to the point, served on white dishes. (see pictures)

Staff: Attentive, friendly, there to serve you.

Atmosphere and Aesthetics: 

Interior:  perfectly outdated for a charming dining experience (see pictures)
Exterior:  An older home converted to a restaurant at the front, parking on street.

Cleanliness: place was very clean, both in restaurant as well as washrooms – very important in my mind